• Tom Redmond. Co-Founder of Age Aid.

    I am 62 years old, a former United States Marine, bodybuilder, and health enthusiast. Health and fitness are two of the most important parts of my life. However, regardless of how active of a lifestyle I live, I started suffering from aches and pains throughout my body due to age. Joint, muscle, and nerve pain were all things that affected my day-to-day life, prohibiting me from many of my favorite activities. Mike and I created Age Aid to deal with these exact issues such as joint pain, muscle soreness, nerve pain, and aging. We believe that all our customers should be able to enjoy life free from the daily aches and pains that slow us down as we age.

  • Mike Redmond. Co-Founder of Age Aid.

    Like my father, I enjoy an active lifestyle. Throughout my life, I have competed in sports at a high level and believe in living an active lifestyle to ensure longevity. However, decades of competitive sports and many injuries along the way have altered my body’s response to physical activity. Joint soreness, muscle aches, and tenon issues have started to affect my ability to enjoy my favorite activities. My father and I created Age Aid to provide a drug-free solution to reduce the daily aches and pains associated with aging. Regardless of your age or gender, we believe that Age Aid will help get you back to enjoying life’s greatest moments free from aches and pains.